A GTK frontend for heimdall

Heimdall is a tool for flashing samsung phones. Gheimdall is a simple frontend for extracting PDA, PHONE and CSC files, used when flashing, and generating the related heimdall command.
The source is available at

3 thoughts on “gheimdall”

  1. Hi !

    I tried your frontend yesterday and i get problem. I solve them so I share the issues.

    First I use Ubuntu 11.04 and heimdall 1.3.0.

    It seems that –boot must be replace by –primary-boot
    and –secondary by –secondary-boot. And the last problem is I had to add the option –repartition but I think it’s not due to your python code.

    And to finish. I root my phone. Only the PDA (CODE) is necessary but after Generating code the option pit is present and causes error.

    Thanks for your frontend it’s really usefull

  2. Thanks for your feedback, I will however sugest you try frontend made by the heimdall developers, it functions really well.

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